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Residential Services

Setups or Upgrades

Mac and iOS Laptop / Desktop complete setups and upgrades


Mac-to-Mac or PC-to-Mac data migration support


Network design, installation, and troubleshooting – wired and wireless


Printer and multifunction device setup support


Connect your Mac to a Time Machine or Personal Backup Solution


Operating System Virtualization for Mac OS X and Windows


Device integration – sync with your iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, and more


Mac integration of Audio and Video for Airplay, and Media streaming.

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Let us take the difficulty out of Technology

Teqtree is incredibly especially extremely Business technology oriented.

Business Services

24/7 Support

We know how important it is for you to keep your business up and running. You can rest easy knowing Teqtree will be there when you need us.

PC Switching and Mac Integration

Add a Mac to a Microsoft network or office. Put Windows on your Mac. Replace Microsoft Windows environment with Apple Macs and iOS devices.

SafeGuard your Data

Many options include cloud storage or on-site storage. Having a good backup solution means less downtime if a issue arises. Find the best solution for you.

Hardware Upgrades

Need to speed up your old Mac, add storage or memory. Mac too slow? Upgrade with a SSD (Solid State Dive). Let Teqtree help you spend less for more!

Networks and Servers

Wireless or Wired Networks. Servers provide file sharing, web hosting, mail servers, virtual machines, VPNs, firewall services, DHCP, DNS, etc.

Go Mobile

Take your work with you. Share data between employees. Sync files and documents across your devices and much more. Simplify life!

Mass Data Storage

External hard Drives and RAIDs offer data storage or backups with the flexibility of redundancy. Store years of paperless documents, backup redundancy, multimedia and many more all on-site.


For out of warranty repairs, we recommend our good friend Steve at The SCREWBOX. With years of experience and passion, Steve has been met with overwhelming success and trust.

Do you need a Server?

Servers are essential for everyday business. Servers allow for collaboration between users and can be setup to your needs, because every business is different.

Imagine how much better your business could run if you had one. Sharing of data files quickly between computers, being able to access your internal network while working from home, quickly sharing your calendar with co-workers, being able to instant message chat people within your office. These are just a few of many options that will make your business more efficient.

Apple Servers

Cloud Backups and RAIDs

Backup and Storage

Storing data is one of the most important things in your business. There are many different types of storage, finding the one that fits your business needs, stability and future growth is what Teqtree excels at.

Don't let your hard drive storage slow you down. RAID storage is great for years of documentation and any other large collections of data. The type of storage you have may slow you down or speed you up. Let Teqtree make the right choice for you.

Mobile and iOS

Mobility has become the cornerstone of communication. Being able to work remotely has made businesses that have adopted this idea, much more efficient.

Implementing Mobile devices into a current infrastructure can be difficult, but paired with Mac OS X Server, it can be quite a bit easier by sending "Profiles" to the mobile devices on a global scale for a pre-configured, email-able office setup. Which allows for quick deployment and easy policy management. Let Teqtree make this happen for you, with ease.

Apple Wireless and Mobile

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