About Us

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Who Teqtree is.

We are techies, nerds, geeks, and gamers at heart. We are the ones that always took apart our own machine in order to upgrade it, or spent hours on the simplest issue, just so that we would understand why it acted the way it did. This is the basis on everything that we achieve and strive for, and because of this, it has led us to where we are today, taking the difficulty out of Technology. With over 17 years of Mac and iOS Experience, we have definitely gained the experience to call ourselves IT Professionals.

Though Teqtree's Main focus has and always will be Mac and iOS Support, it has also expanded to support Multimedia design/implementation and Website Design. Only, pursuing these other areas after having seen a need for them, and being asked repeatedly by you, the customer. So, you could think of it as a one stop shop for you and whatever you have your mind set to accomplish. How can Teqtree help further you?

Our Team